When closing out on The Virtual Ticketer, we have complete audit trails which are very useful for detecting errors. Any changes made would show up in red and every penny is accounted for.

This is why we are 100% compatible with any accounting system and provide complete audit trails for user accessibility.

The benefit of our event ticketing software rests with receiving complete and easy-to-follow audit trails, which will reduce your accounting labor costs at the end of month when balancing the books.

Payments can be handled in a variety of different ways. There are unlimited rate codes you can set up and apply for each unique type of customer. You can assign them payment terms, such as cash, check, credit card, and invoices. Once the customer is identified, the ticketing software automatically handles the rate codes and how they need to pay. Once the money is received, our system automatically distributes it to the proper general ledger accounts. Each ticket teller closes out their banks on a daily basis. Normally, cash is balanced daily and sales are closed out monthly. Every penny is accounted for in our system with our accurate audit trails and concise financial reports. Any changes made are posted in red so that no pertinent information slips through the cracks.

VTS handles all ticketing functions from emailing, printing, barcoding closeout, commissions owed and updates general ledger accounts.