1. How Cross Promoting With Hotels Can Bring in Big Business

    One marketing effort that can pay off big for the event industry is through cross promotion at hotels. In exchange for advertising their rooms, restaurants, and attractions, hotels in the area may agree to make you a “preferred” event vendor and recommend your events, tours, and attractions to their visiting guests. This can bring in a great deal of traffic to your business, and our event tick…Read More

  2. Is Your Event Ticketing Software Secure?

    Credit card companies are cracking down on businesses that aren’t taking proper precautions when it comes to the security of their customers’ information. The major credit card companies, including Visa and American Express, are pushing businesses to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (or PCI DSS). This is a set of standards about security measures that need to be in plac…Read More

  3. Why You Should Brand Your Tickets

    Branding is a big deal for your event business. It helps customers recognize your company from various marketing efforts, including from print and online, when you have a consistent brand that you are putting out there. That includes your logo, designs, and even the language that you use in your copywriting. One area that some event businesses overlook when it comes to branding--and shouldn’t--i…Read More

  4. Do More Sales Outlets Equal More Money, or More Problems?

    About 20 years ago, most businesses had one sale outlet: their store front. If you wanted to make a purchase from them, you had to walk in the door and give them your money. Some businesses also did some phone sales, giving them another outlet for sales revenue. It was the same for events and attractions businesses, which relied on print marketing, foot traffic and word-of-mouth advertising to bri…Read More

  5. How the Right Event Ticketing Software Can Decrease Labor Costs

    One of the biggest expenses for any business is labor costs. Labor costs include the time for which you pay your employees along with their benefits and payroll taxes. Lowering labor costs can mean an increase in your bottom line, but cutting them too much can result in poorer customer service when there is no one there to answer the phone or help a customer place an order. Fortunately, our event …Read More

  6. We Offer Templates for Common Attractions

    As we were creating our event ticketing software, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get your event up and running. We know that the sooner you can start selling tickets to your event, the more money you stand to make for your business. That’s why we offer a variety of templates that can help you get started! We Offer Templates for Many Events & Attractions Our team is experienced w…Read More

  7. Why You Need to Take Your Event Online

    Some business owners are reluctant to take their event, tour, or attraction online for ticketing. Some of the common concerns that we’ve heard are: They think it will be too hard to set up. They worry about security with online transactions. They think it will cost them too much and cut into their profits. While their concerns are valid, the truth is your business is probably not going to surviv…Read More

  8. How to Make Your Accounting Tasks a Little Easier

    When it comes to accounting for your tours and events, there is a lot to consider and even more that you need to do to create an accurate and complete set of books. Unfortunately, many event ticketing software packages don’t take the importances of accounting as a factor in their development. But we do! Our Software Works With Your Accounting Program Whatever software you use for your bookkeepin…Read More

  9. The Issues With Group Sales

    There are a number of problems that event and tour organizers have to deal with when it comes to online event ticketing for groups and charters: Making sure everyone paid. Getting each member’s information. Meeting customization needs for each member. Giving accurate price quotes and group discounts. For these reasons and many others, many events and tours will ask people to call in for their gr…Read More

  10. Our Event Ticketing Software Works Around Your Needs

    When it comes to setting up event ticketing software for your events or attractions, it seems like you are always having to make do with what someone else thinks you need. You end up setting up a ticketing system that might sort-of work with your other management programs, coming up with creative workarounds to help you keep your business running. But what if you didn’t have to do that anymore? …Read More