The Ultimate Ticketing & Reservation System

Designed specifically for the passenger vessel and guided tours industries, VTS is an enterprise-level, scalable, and fully-customizable eTicketing system to optimize your online booking sales.

After ePaymentAmerica, a nation-wide merchant services hybrid company, acquired Virtual Ticketing Solutions, our complete ticketing and reservation management software became the most robust and affordable solution to growing your business.

Now headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, The Virtual Ticketer was not adapted from software used in retail sales; it was built from the ground up to meet the unique demands of sightseeing ships, ferries, tourist attractions. Our ticket management system also assists operators with complex scheduling, accounting, and capacity control needs.

When Virtual Ticketing Solutions opened its doors in 2005, the first project was a major undertaking: reduce labor costs and increase sales for a large tour operator; with a modern, integrated ticket software system capable of remote ticket sales and reservation management.

After analyzing the workflow at both companies, we designed our event ticketing software with updated capabilities and unlimited flexibility that far exceeded their projected business goals.

Our original customer has stated that The Virtual Ticketer increased sales and efficiency, that the system paid for itself in just a few months. Virtual Ticketing Solutions offers the profitable ticketing survives you need to truly succeed.

As members of the PVA, Virtual Ticketing Solutions has continued to work directly with passenger vessel operators, trolley tours, and tourism destination professionals to create a purpose-built solution with unmatched flexibility.

With our elite team of entrepreneurial and progressive accounting and technology professionals, we have a proven track record of providing faster and more personable customer service while building a partnership with our customers. VTS provides unmatched flexibility in a fast and dependable enterprise-level software, offering eTickets, day passes, full website integration; all with the lowest processing rates.

President and CEO Christopher S. Reckert has more than twenty years progressive experience in merchant services. He began his career with MasterCard International before being recruited by Concord EFS where he successfully helped grow Concord from a $75 Million to $2 Billion company. Originally from New York, Reckert has a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) focused in Political Science and Government from St. John’s University. He now resides in Memphis, TN where he runs ePaymentAmerica, VTS, and Yapyzal.