dreamstime_xxl_19225207About 20 years ago, most businesses had one sale outlet: their store front. If you wanted to make a purchase from them, you had to walk in the door and give them your money. Some businesses also did some phone sales, giving them another outlet for sales revenue. It was the same for events and attractions businesses, which relied on print marketing, foot traffic and word-of-mouth advertising to bring people through the door.

What Business Looks Like Today

With the advent of mobile devices and the internet, though, the number of sales channels available to a business virtually exploded. Today, not only are businesses handling walk-in and phone sales, they are also managing internet transactions on their own websites, affiliate websites, and mobile sales. Keeping up with orders coming in can be difficult, especially for the event business where there might be a limited number of tickets available. Businesses have to find a way to track it all.

More Outlets, More Problems?

Some event businesses choose to limit the number of sales outlets they use in order to avoid confusion. Otherwise, they may find themselves overbooking an event when they forget to account for an order that came through over the phone or one that arrived through the company website at the last minute. But by limiting their sales channels, they may be limiting their potential income.

Find an Event Ticketing Software That Handles It All

Virtual Ticketer can handle all of your sales channels in one seamless system. You’ll be able to track sales from your walk-up traffic, hotel reservations, websites, and even from mobile devices. It’s all compiled into your system, where you’ll be able to track where the sales are coming from and see exactly how many tickets you have left to sell. Want to try it for yourself? Get in touch with our team and check it out!