When it comes to standing out in the modern marketplace, many companies struggle to be noticed. Between the sheer number of competitors and technology’s ability for multitasking, lots of entrepreneurs are left scratching their heads. The same can be said for hospitality and tourism vendors, where capturing the crowd’s attention and selling them a quality service can be a very difficult task. Virtual Ticketing Solutions was created in 2005 to offer these vendors the best event ticketing software possible. This online ticket management program gives entrepreneurs the ability to organize and execute complex logistical processes without having to spend the time or energy doing so. We provide the best ticketing solutions so that you can focus on delivering an amazing experience for your customers!

Part of achieving success in this industry depends on having an effective marketing strategy. Last time, we looked at the importance of utilizing social media for your event ticketing. Today, we’ll look at a few engaging tips that can prove very effective in driving new business. In no time, you’ll be reveling in the success with our event ticketing software!

Asking for Feedback

A key part of creating an engaging atmosphere for potential customers is to promote user reviews for your business. Studies have shown that almost all customers shopping online look at reviews for guidance before purchasing or signing up. It’s key to build a base of positive reviews on numerous rating websites in order to start bringing in additional reservations. The more reviews you have, the more likely it is that your service will pop up at the top of the page. Social media is ideal for this method, where incentives can be used to promote participation. Even if your reviews aren’t sterling to begin with, that’s ok! Customers tend to have an unbiased opinion, meaning that their criticisms can be used for improvement. Once you are consistently receiving favorable reviews, the increase in conversions should be obvious!

Being Responsive

Often times, the business proprietor is the one that is guilty of not being engaging enough. Being more responsive to customer inquiries and requests can go a long way toward promoting your company. When an email comes in, it’s vital to respond as quickly as possible. Proprietors who take 24 hours (or longer) to respond tend to lose out to their more engaging competitors. One simple question that is ignored can result in a loss of business. If this happens often enough, it can do serious harm to your reputation!

Using Incentives

Offering promotional benefits for customers can also be very helpful for driving business. Even a minor coupon or rebate for first-time buyers will result in more traffic. People like to receive a good value for their money, and those on the fence about using your online ticketing software may just choose to hit confirm when they are offered a small prize. It’s important to balance the value of the coupon or program with your current budget. A 10% discount on each ticket can easily be offset by the profit from having a full vehicle of happy customers. Research has shown that there is a large population of coupon hunters out there that capitalize on online discounts. We fully recommend running promotional events when possible to bring an influx of new faces to your establishment.

Putting in the time and effort to develop an effective marketing plan can pay in spades for your touring company. As a provider of the best event ticketing software, Virtual Ticketing Solutions is your source for promoting and driving more sales and reservations. Next time, we’ll take a look at three more tips that may pay big in your marketing endeavors. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch ticketing solutions!