No matter what product your company makes or what type of clients you exist to serve, it’s more important than ever that you be comfortable with your level of security. In the age of brick and mortar businesses, all it took to be secure was bars on the windows, a strong lock on the door, and a big safe in the back where you could store the day’s earnings. Now, everything is digital, from your client contact lists to your payment processes. On the one hand, you can’t ‘lose’ things the way you can when they were stored on paper. On the other hand, you’re now completely vulnerable to hackers and data thieves. Using our online ticketing software can put your mind at ease when it comes to securing sensitive and proprietary information. Let’s take a closer look at the security benefits our ticketing software makes available to your company.

Customized Employee Access

It’s generally a bad idea to give every employee at your company wide open access to your financial information. Despite background checks and references, it can still be difficult to know whether you’ve hired a trustworthy person until you really get to know them. With our online ticketing software, you can create various levels of security and access for each employee on your team.

Secure Payment Processing

As we mentioned above, security is paramount when talking about finances. Your customers want to know that they’re putting their credit card information into a secure website that won’t allow their sensitive information to be abused. Likewise, you need a secure way to store and process these payments that will ensure the money ends up in your account exactly when you think it will. Don’t waste time fretting about money handling. With our online ticketing software, you can focus on attracting customers and making money. You’ll be able to trust that our automated system will track it for you.

Centralized Data Control

Are you still operating most of your business on paper? You might track events on a calendar, manage employee and tour schedules in a spreadsheet, while all the contact information for your customers and venders lingers in a file cabinet. This disparate way of organizing your company wastes time, money, and ultimately, puts you at risk for security breaches. Eliminate these hassles with our online ticketing software that delivers superior data control in one centralized place.

Seamless Integration With Windows OS

When considering a new service like our online ticketing software, the last thing a business owner wants to hear is that it’s not compatible with the operating system they’re already using. Hundreds of millions of business depend on the Windows operating system to manage their daily functions. That’s why we designed our ticketing software to work seamlessly with Windows. Again, it’s one less thing that you have to think about so you can focus on what’s truly important for your business.

Digital Ticket Tracking

For companies that offer ticketed events on a regular basis, our online event ticketing is an absolute game changer. With just a few clicks, you can check reservation statuses, coordinate tour packages across multiple locations, and handle the load of peak period sales. Never lose a reservation or find yourself arguing with an angry customer about lack of payment again!