Companies have one main goal: to grow, and grow well. Your boat tour company should be no exception. It can be hard to find new markets in which to advertise and bring in the business that keeps you going. You have invested in online ticket management, you have an incredible staff, you just need the customers. With all the competition out there it’s important to invest in multiple marketing platforms to reach your target audience. Along with online ticket management software, Virtual Ticketing Solutions provides multi-platform marketing services to help you target your ideal customer. Here’s how.

Online Home

As we’ve mentioned before, Bill Gates has been quoted as saying, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” The days where planting a sign outside your ticket office to gain clientele are gone and the best ways to bring in new clients while building your company reputation is online. We work with conventions and the local tourism industry in order to create a high level of interlinking between applicable web pages and visibility for all our partner clients. This interlinking between your online presence and industry associates is especially pertinent when partnering with hotels and travel agents who can make sales right then for you, increasing your overall customer base.

Reward the Locals

Never forget that the local economy should be a staple in your tour boat business. Providing reward incentives to local individuals and business will keep people coming back and bringing family or friends. Perhaps offer a frequent tour discount or if you partner with a local business offer commission on the ticket sales. Virtual Ticketing Solutions makes it easy to implement these options in your business plan.