event ticketing softwareThere are a number of problems that event and tour organizers have to deal with when it comes to online event ticketing for groups and charters:

  • Making sure everyone paid.
  • Getting each member’s information.
  • Meeting customization needs for each member.
  • Giving accurate price quotes and group discounts.

For these reasons and many others, many events and tours will ask people to call in for their group purchases. Unfortunately, that can become even more of a hassle. You’ll have to make sure someone is available to take their call, will have to take a credit card over the phone (which some people are reluctant to do!), and then get all the information you need by hand. It’s time-consuming and a total hassle, but you also don’t want to miss out on the big money that a group booking can bring into your business.

Our Event Ticketing Software Makes Group Bookings Easy

We know that group bookings could be a hassle for events, tours and attractions operators. That’s why when we created our event ticketing software, we wanted to make sure there was an easy way to handle groups and charters, event through online sales. Now your customers will be able to easily book and pay online, getting you all of the information that you need in an easy-to-use system. This takes all the hassle out of a group event and could even earn your business new customers because it’s so easy to use and there is no need to find time in their busy schedule to make those phone calls.

Try Our Event Ticketing Software For Yourself

If you are an event organizer who is eager to try our event ticketing software for yourself and see if it really does make a difference in your group bookings, give us a call! We’d like to talk to you about your software needs and show you how Virtual Ticketer can help. Call today!