Business Owners and Chief Executives, 


Would you be curious, or interested to see how some of our Customers INCREASED their sales by as much as 300% while decreasing accounting labor time and cost?

We are looking for PVA and Guided Tour Company owners or executives, who want to achieve huge increases in sales. At the same time, automating internal workflows for their company’s operations, which eliminates mistakes and provides a current financial snapshot of what is going on inside their Company.

Simple Example

This allows management to make critical time sensitive decisions with current, up to the minute data at their fingertips. If you are not interested just ignore or throw this letter away, because you are not the right customer for us.

Who WE are?

Our main company, Virtual Business Solutions, Inc. manages and maintains computer operations for over a hundred Companies in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge La. area, such as Banks, Credit Unions, Government agencies, manufacturing plants, law practices, and medical clinics, etc…  The total business revenues for these accounts are well over a half billion dollars a year.

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How and why was VIRTUAL TICKETING SOLUTIONS was formed?

Because one of our customers, New Orleans Steamboat / Gray Lines Tours, who we currently service and manage their computer operations, and have for over the last twenty years wanted a new system. Their main goal was to increase their sales. They were using T.J. Software, which was the Bell Weather for PVA Systems at that time. However, they felt they needed a system that would help them, manage their operations better, and provide the capability of expanding their marketing and sales.

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You can find more of our testimonials here.

The BIG QUESTION is HOW did our CUSTOMERS increase their SALES?

It is simple, by using our highly customizable designed web and mobile modules. These modules allow customers to book tickets easily off of websites – both public and private businesses, Facebook, Twitter, conventions, hotels, concierges, resellers, tour guides, travel agents, and many more sites. All tickets are from live inventories. We provided added flexibility, to sell packages (yours and/or from other attraction companies). They could also book multiple events on one reservation, (shopping cart). We make it easy for your customers to buy additional events, with a small discount for the second and third events, which has greatly increased sales.

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Would you have to CHANGE your current OPERATIONS?

No, you would not, but if you are not using a lot of our features, you will see the benefits and if you want to grow, you would and should start using them. One of the first things we discovered, while a lot of operations are the same, nobody runs them the same way. That is why we have over a hundred different customizable features, which allows you to design and run your operations the way you want to. We are also adding new features all of the time.

FINAL QUESTION, why use us over the new internet ticketing companies?

First off, those companies do not sit down with you and go over and evaluate your operations. They do not show and provide you with new ideas and ways of increasing your sales. The systems, which I have looked at did not have the infrastructure to handle most of your internal operations and have no or very little back end.

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If you are interested, we would like to talk to you and show you what we have to offer. If you haven’t been on our website lately, we finally found the time to upgrade it. You can even book tickets on a variety of events, and experience what your customers would have by using our system. Then we can set up a demo and show how our system automatically handles your bookings on the back end.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you,

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