Management has to make decisions based on current and accurate data. The Virtual Ticketer’s workflow is interactive and provides up to minute data from all functions in your operations. This allows your management team to analyze your operations from thirteen categories, Accounting, Administrator, Customer, Deposit schedule, Discount, Event, Gift Card, Package, Reservation, Sale, Service, User, and Vendor Reports. Each category has twenty to thirty options so you can customize, build name and save your own reports to suit your needs. You create, name, and save the templates. To run those reports, you select them, add a date range. You can view the report, print it, e-mail it, or export to an excel spread sheet. This give you an instance snap shot of what your operations are doing, and allows you to make critical up to the minute decisions based on that data, no more guessing.

VTS handles all ticketing functions from emailing, printing, barcoding closeout, commissions owed and updates general ledger accounts.