Your guests demand an online solution for a reservation experience that is secure, intuitive, and simple to use on any device. The Virtual Ticketer delivers the rich user experience and back-end flexibility that you need, along with a live inventory environment that never double-books a cruise. Our event ticketing software also confirms your guests’ reservations instantly for better event ticket management feedback.

Live inventory: Online reservations draw from the same inventory as walkup sales and phone reservations: you’ll never have to worry about overbooking an event or over-selling a limited attraction.

Full mobile phone bookings: Over half of your customers are reaching your tour and attractions website on mobile devices. It is best to use our universal ticket software that is already  prepared to convert your traffic to sales with a mobile checkout interface, designed with touch and tap features in mind.

A true white-label product: Guests complete reservations on your website, on a checkout page that reflects your own brand. And because you’re using your own payment gateway, you get paid right away. If you wish, you can host the Virtual Ticketer yourself in the cloud or on your own server.

Powerful URL variables: Entice your customers to land on a page for a specific event with ease. There’s no complicated back-end setup or help from a web designer needed: simply add the cruise name, ticket type, or other variables to the URL, and start using your customized landing page. Online event ticketing has never been easier!

Multiple views and sorting options: Depending on how you acquired a customer, the best point of conversion will be different. One customer may be looking for any event on a particular date while another customer may need all the dates for a specific event. Your online ticketing software shouldn’t make you choose. With the Virtual Ticketer, you can choose and customize a filtered view of your schedule that matches your customer’s buying patch, and then seamlessly link to it.

Easy customization: Add a client’s logo to the reservations system header, or completely re-style the checkout page to match their corporate colors. You can build a complete white-label reservation system for a meeting, convention, or important client.

Secure payment processing: Accept credit and debit card payments directly on your website using industry-leading security and encryption. You will receive payment immediately because payments are processed directly to your own account.

Drag and drop PDF confirmation: If you choose to e-mail your guests a PDF ticket or confirmation document, you can customize it with a robust drag-and-drop editor, or add advertising for local businesses as an added source of revenue. Our event ticketing software can meet and exceed all of your expectations!


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