The Virtual Ticketer ships ready with common templates for different types of attractions. During initial setup, you can customize these settings to match your businesses’ needs. This list is an overview of features that have made a difference for our clients: all of these features include customizable options not covered here. For in-depth information or to schedule a demo, don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Ledger Accounts: Your organization tracks revenue from different sources separately, so your ticketing and reservations software should too. By matching your GL account names to your existing accounting workflow, it’s easy to report on the information you need, and export sales and revenue reports directly to your accounting suite.

Ticket Types: Every event can contain multiple ticket types: you might sell an event with economy and premium seating options, or several meal choices. By defining a name for each ticket type, you can track revenue from each component separately.

Rate Codes: If you charge different rates for Tour and Travel Companies, Group reservations or corporate rates, you can allocate every dollar of revenue from these different types of business to exactly. In a true reservations-management system you don’t need or other manual fixes to achieve this; rate codes are a built-in feature for every event.

Resources: A boat, vehicle, or other limited resource: by defining a name and capacity for these resources, it’s easy to use them to build recurring events that won’t be over-sold.

Events: Any event with a set capacity and departure time. Once one event is built, you can quickly replicate it to other dates using a sophisticated synchronization system.

Services: You may also sell goods or services that aren’t tied to a particular resource: by setting up common items as services, you can report on their sales, control their inventory, and package them with events.

Documents and Ticket Templates: Create and customize the documents that your team needs with an intuitive What You See is What You Get editor. Start from a template, or create your own document: a set of powerful, easy easy-to-use editors lets you drag and drop documents to be filled with customer data.

Customers: A complete repeat-customer tracking system is built in: manage corporate clients or loyal guests, and track their reservations in a system that speeds up data entry for repeat bookings.

Users: Add and customize an infinite number of users and user groups: you can set permissions for nearly ever function and interface element to customize the software according to the seniority and training level of your staff

Gift Cards: A complete gift card or gift certificate system is built-in: accept revenue for future events, and allow your guests to reserve online, over the phone or in-person.

Advanced Reporting: Customize detailed accounting, sales or reservation reports, and then view them in the software or export them to MS Excel. You can always get your data out.


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