An Enterprise-level Reservations Management solution.

As an attraction provider, you have many choices among event ticketing and sales systems to manage your purchases, scheduling, and reservations. Some have been designed with an attractive interface, but a narrowly defined set of capabilities. Many of these ticketing solutions fall short of offering the customization and workflow options that you need in a complete, enterprise-level online ticketing system.

The Virtual Ticketer is a fully customizable reservation and ticketing management system, designed to meet the complex inventory management and accounting needs of a sophisticated attraction operator. With more than a decade of experience in the passenger vessel industry, we have built the industry’s most complete destination ticket management tool.

Whether your application requires a charter and custom event management tool for occasional private bookings or a complete enterprise-ready solution for thousands of ticketed departures every hour, our clients have proven that the Virtual Ticketer is ready to meet the needs of your operation.

Initial Workflow Automation Setup

Over 100 features with options – design and automate your workflow to fit your operations, reducing labor costs, eliminating mistakes while increasing your profits.

Automates All Sales Pulling From Live Inventory

One of the many unique features that The Virtual Ticketer offers is the ability to sell from many different locations and sales outlets at the same time, yet controlling inventory so that there is no overbooking. This is just one of many features, which allow our customers to double and triple their sales in a few years.

Here are some of the sales outlets you can easily use to increase sales:

  • Ticket Booth
  • Remote Tablets
  • Inside Telephone Sales
  • Mobile Phones
  • Public and Private Web Sites
  • Webpages
  • Resellers
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Corporations (awards program)
  • Conventions
  • Hotels and Concierges

These are just a few of the outlets you can utilize to increase sales via our online ticketing software.


The system automatically handles the rate codes and how they need to pay. Once the money is received, our system automatically distributes it to the proper general ledger accounts. Each ticket teller closes out their banks daily.

Charters/Group Sales

Handles charters, group sales, packages, provides contracts and all necessary paperwork, reserves resources for either public, private or combination of both.


We automated the accounting workflow and streamlined sales revenue, so once the sales are closed out, it will be applied automatically to the proper general ledger accounts. You could balance the sales at the end of the month or anytime. Once this is done, you can move the account balances from The Virtual Ticketer to your own accounting system.

Management Tools

Management has the ability to create numerous customizable types of reports that are saved as templates for future reports, which can be defined by different date ranges.


Tickets are easily created and modified with our ticket management system editor. Ticketing close-outs can be handled in different ways. You can either close the sale when you print the ticket at the booth or scan the tickets when they board the event.

Online Reservations

Since launching live web reservations with the Virtual Ticketer, most of our customers have seen consistent double-digit growth year after year. Our user-friendly event ticketing software enables online reservations through many sources. The outlets listed above will give you a better picture of just how versatile our program is.

Your guests demand an online ticketing software and reservations experience which is secure, intuitive and simple to use from any device. The Virtual Ticketer delivers the rich user experience and back-end flexibility when booking online. Because it confirms your guests’ reservations instantly, you will never double or overbook a cruise.

Setup and Customization

The Virtual Ticketer ships ready with common templates for different types of attractions. During initial setup, you can customize these settings to match your business’ needs. This list is an overview of features that have made a difference for our clients — all of these features include customizable options not covered here. The Virtual Ticketer can be seen as the best ticketing software available today. For in-depth information or to schedule a demo, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Website Designs

Click on the images below to see possible website and mobile designs.

VTS handles all ticketing functions from emailing, printing, barcoding closeout, commissions owed and updates general ledger accounts.